Mariner Sands

Fitness Classes

Aqua Aerobics

This class uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water to provide a wide variety of conditioning activities; including calisthenics movements with upper and lower body resistive moves with water weights. Locate at Mariner Sands Pool.

Beginners Fitness

No impact exercise designed to improve muscular strength, range of motion, cardiovascular endurance, balance and coordination to improve the physical and mental health of participants. Hand weights, elastic bands and balls are used for resistance. A Chair is used for seated, standing, an balance exercises.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is for those who enjoy Yoga but cannot smoothly transition up and down from a lying position. This class improves your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance along with some relaxation.

Golf & Tennis Fitness

Class instruction includes exercises to increase upper and lower body mobility, core strength and balance. All which are necessary to produce more power in your swing as well as prevent injuries. Class includes a weekly email with video instruction on exercises you work on in class so you can continue to improve your game on your own.

Move Better, Move More

Tightness in our muscles can contribute to join pain! This class is designed to teach you how to use foam rollers and spindle sticks properly to relieve tension in tight muscles, increase circulation and flexibility in your muscles as well as improve range of motion. The instructor will also teach you some stretching exercises to help keep your muscles loose and your joints mobile. Great class for golfers, tennis players or anyone who just wants to move better throughout their day.


This class focuses on basic core strength, increased flexibility, breath control and correct alignment to improve posture. A floor mat is used for this class.

Synrgy Circuit Training

This class is designed to give the maximum level of a workout in the minimal amount of time. Within 30-45 minutes you will perform a variety of exercises set in a systematic pattern set in one minute intervals. All major muscle groups will be utilize to build muscular strength and endurance. Modification can be made according to your level of fitness.


Slow and focused class that incorporates conscious flowing of breath with movements. Breathing becomes an important component for moving from one pose to the next, on an inhale or exhale. Modifications are given to accommodate all levels, cultivating compassion or challenging the participants as needed.


A fun filled dance exercise class that involves an assortments of dance styles which include Samba, Salsa, Merengue, and Hip Hop.