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Mariner Sands Charity Week

Linking Hands, Enriching Lives...

"Some call it charity, we call it a blessing.” said sister Mary Dooley, Director of the Hope Rural School.

Mariner sands charity week honors the legacy of community members who have donated their time, energy and money to help the needy for the past 30 years.

While Martin County is one of the wealthiest in florida, close to 20% of its children are in families living in poverty. Some are the victims of abuse and abandonment.

Our mission is to provide support to charities that serve people in need of food, clothing, or a roof over their heads. We seek out the charities that have a proven track record of doing this. And, we focus on the charities that also provide counseling to help our disadvantaged neighbors become self-sustaining.

In 2015, the generosity of our members allowed us to donate $369,000 to charity. Over 270 volunteers and contributions by over 75% of our total membership made this possible!

And, due to the generosity of local businesses the costs of our 2015 events were underwritten.

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