Mariner Sands

Historic Ashley Park

One of the more unique features of Mariner Sands is the historic Ashley Park

According to local lore and “The History of Martin County” by Janet Hutchinson, this cemetery is the family burial ground of the Ashley family and assorted relatives. Some of these individuals gained fame in the early 1900s as an outlaw group who spent most of their time robbing banks, including the old Stuart Bank - twice. The Stuart Bank was converted into a restaurant, The Ashley, which was later converted into Spritz City Bistro in downtown Stuart.

The cemetery is now known as Ashley Park. No further burials are allowed and the latest date shown on the existing headstones is 1946.

Heavily vandalized before development began, the cemetery was restored by the developer and new headstones were erected around 1987. The inscriptions now show the names of about 15 family members, and others, who are buried there; including two, "Lost at sea - Dec. 1921"

There is a book entitled "The Notorious Ashley Gang" by Hix C. Stuart that is believed to be a true account of the Ashley Gang’s history. Today, Ashley Park is a wonderful place for the enjoyment of Mariner Sands members.