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Golfers, do you know your smash factor?

The new Golf Learning Center, at the far end of the Mariner Sands driving range, offers an improved environment for golf lessons.  With its canopy, it is private, dry and much cooler than the open area of the range.  

Available “Flight Scope / Launch Monitor” technology, at no additional cost, provides your instructor with the ability to measure your swing / club speed, ball speed, spin rate and total yards.  Your club face angle and swing path are identified.  All of the statistics are used by the instructor to improve your game.  And, “if you can handle the truth,” Flight Scope provides a video of your swing which is helpful to visual learners.  The video is optional as some golfers do not want to see themselves swing.  

The new Golf Learning Center is large enough for golf clinics and 3-4 instructors.  Individual lessons remain at $90 for one hour, $50 for one-half hour and $25 per person for clinics. Take a lesson and you will learn about your smash factor.  Sign up for lessons with Tim McKenna, Jim Chorniewy, Loretta Giovannettone or Guy Mancini at the pro shop.