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Jack Flanagan, Committee Chairman, Reports on Fitness Center/Spa Additions and Changes

We on the Fitness committee believe our role is to support what our members want and to work with staff to expand programs that provide for greater fitness benefits for our users. Better fitness means better health and wellness.

The staff of Diversified Therapeutic (DT) has spent time this summer reviewing staffing, programs, equipment, as well as, proposing new classes to enhance our fitness experience. The following are some of the positive additions and changes that are suggested:

“Coaches' Corner” Our Personal Trainers are excited to share their knowledge with our members here at the fitness center. We believe offering professional advice on improving your health or how to avoid common injuries will greatly benefit our Mariner Sands community. Michael will provide 1 hour to discuss and demonstrate a new health & wellness topic weekly. Attending Coaches Corner will help guide you in the right direction to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you devote an hour to us, we will volunteer 1 to you! Coaches Corner will be provided to all members for FREE, however, online pre-registration will be required. All topics for the month will be listed on our fitness calendar as well as being advertised in advance. Hope to see you all there!  

Staffing- Diversified Therapeutic has been recruiting and interviewing potential new staff members that are certified and experienced personal trainers and are qualified in a variety of group fitness classes, specializing but not limited to TRX, Yoga, Spinning, Water Aerobics, Golf & Tennis. They’re looking for people who have both the interpersonal skills & are trained as Health & Wellness Coach/Fitness Instructors.  

Post Cardio Rehab Program- We’ve realized that many of our members have experienced and/or suffered from cardiovascular diseases, heart problems, respiratory issues, and more. Because this issue is extremely common among older adults, we believe it is necessary to provide as much information and guidance for our friends and family at Mariner Sands. After an extensive amount of research, experience and education, we have designed a Post Cardio Rehab Program for our members who have had surgery and/or worked with doctors and physical therapists. Many believe that once they complete their therapy, they are done. However, if you do not continue to take care of your body, your chances of relapsing will increase. This Post Cardio Rehab Program will provide excellent guidance in exercise, nutrition, and healthy life choices. Come to the fitness center and let us help assist in the longevity of a happy and healthy life!  

Onsite CPR Certification- Being educated and certified in CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillators) AED is extremely important and beneficial for everyone. We believe that our members should be given the opportunity to become certified and know how to handle a situation when a trained medical personal is not available. There is no greater feeling than knowing you helped save a life! We will be providing onsite CPR/AED classes throughout the year held by the American Red Cross. Pre-registration will be required to attend class. More information will be provided as the season progresses.

Together we can make this the best year ever. Let the Season begin!!!   

-Jack Flanagan
Fitness Center & Spa Committee Chairman