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Club Land Maintenance Update

Liz Foster
Common Area Maintenance Supervisor

    The Land Maintenance Team, which is responsible for the common areas, has been working on several projects this summer to enhance and sustain the beauty of Mariner Sands Country Club. Some of the endeavors, like removing the declining trees in the Clubhouse parking lot, or maintaining the landscaping and berms on Burning Tree Circle, are common practices for the summer season. However, this summer has brought some unique opportunities and projects as a result of salvaging landscaping materials from the tennis and pool area and re-deploying around Mariner Sands property.  Additionally, the team has been hard at work on revamping the children’s Playground (located near Dog Park) and redesigning the landscape layout around the Golden Bear Realty Sales Center.  These are a few of the projects being worked on to upgrade and heighten the enjoyment of your Mariner Sands Community.