Mariner Sands

Croquet Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This


Whether you think you’d like to learn the game, or have a minus handicap, you’re going to love croquet at Mariner Sands.  

John Osborn, our Affiliate Pro (and member of the Croquet Hall of Fame) leads an extensive 8-month program for players of all levels, emphasizing clinics, private lessons, play-with-pro sessions, tournaments, and lots of friendly competition.   

Two of our four 54’x84’ courts are lit and extend the playing day from 8:30 AM to 10 in the evening.  Courts are maintained to golf-green standards on TiffEagle™ grass, a favorite on greens around the world. A smaller, fifth court is dedicated to 9-wicket “backyard” croquet.

Our program features multiple open play sessions every week, a very entertaining inter-club home-and-away series, and a variety of special events for novices and advanced players alike. 

Courts are easy to reserve in person, by phone, or on your computer. Excellent equipment (Wood mallets from New Zealand, and Dawson balls) is available for players at no cost. 

Four of our most experienced players are now certified by USCA as local judges for club competitions.

Most important, our 100+ active players are a notably sociable group who enthusiastically welcome and support both newcomers and veteran players. With immaculate courts, a world-class Pro, and a playing season 12 months long, Mariner Sands is the perfect place to learn croquet or improve your game.