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Who are we?

Mariner Sands Charity Week supports Martin County Charities by uniting our community to help those in need outside our gates. It is made possible by the contribution of months of preparation by your friends and neighbors.

It registered with the IRS and Florida State as a 501(c)(3), not for profit, corporation. It was created in 2012 by the joining of the fund raising efforts of Operation Outreach and Mariner Sands Classic. It is an independent organization of club member volunteers and endorsed by the Mariner Sands Board of Governors annually.

Mariner Sands Charity Week is all of us working, playing and giving together.

Mariner Sands Charity Week is the giving spirit of the Mariner Sands Community that is called “legendary” by Martin County fund raising professionals and news organizations.

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  • What is Our Mission
    • Our Charity Week mission is to unite the Mariner Sands community in an annual effort to increase support for all Martin County charities. We will focus on charities serving the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. We favor the charities that help people in need learn to help themselves. We will also support charities where Mariner Sands member involvement is active and significant.

      We understand that many of our residents already generously give their time and money to charitable organizations of all kinds. We only ask that you also support the needs of people just outside the Mariner Sands gates by designating unrestricted funds to our focus charities and participating in our events.

  • What We Have Accomplished
    • In its first four years, Mariner Sands Charity Week gave close to one million. three hundred thousand dollars to Martin County charities.

      2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
      $340,000 $368,687 $352,745 $281,824 $300,152

       *IRS DD 990 tax returns for these results are available from

      Your support made this possible and helped allow:

      • Boys and Girls Club provides food and counseling for children.
      • Children's Home Society provide food and counseling to the needy.
      • Holy Cross Service Center provides support to the needy.
      • House of Hope provide food and counseling to the needy.
      • Mariner Sands Foundation provide emergency support to employees
      • SafeSpace provide shelter to abused women and their families.
      • Samaritan Center give food, shelter and counseling to at-risk boys.
      • Veterans Council of Martin County provide help to needy Military Veterans.
  • There Are Many Ways You Can Be Part of Charity Week
    • Because many of our residents do not reside in Martin County year round, Mariner Sands Charity Week volunteers seek to identify and visit local charities that match our mission. As a service to our residents we focus on some of the charities that our Distribution Committee reviewed for 2015. You can:

      1. Simply write a check to Mariner Sands Charity Week and allow the Distribution Committee to allocate your funds among 2015 focus charities.
      2. Write a check to Mariner Sands Charity Week directing your contribution to specific charities on the Charity Week list. Or to your favorite local charity.
      3. Join your friends by contributing and participating in one or all of our fun events during Charity Week. The net income from all events is then distributed to the charities.
      4. Underwrite the cost of an event. You can also donate goods, services or use of a vacation property to our auction.

      5. Or join the Charity Week team by volunteering to help at any of our events. (Please contact Bob Kung at or Jeff (Blackie) Black at )

  • Support Your Favorite Charity and Charity Week Too!
    • We are only asking that you add a place in your heart for the needy of the local Martin County community. If you are a year round resident, this is your community. If you are a seasonal resident, the people of Martin County provide the services that make your season an enjoyable one.
      CHARITY WEEK IS RECOGNIZED BY THE IRS AS A 501C(3) ORGANIZATION. IT IS ALSO REGISTERED WITH THE STATE OF FLORIDA (CH39235) TO COLLECT FUNDS FOR DISTRIBUTION TO CHARITY. A copy of the official registrations and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800-435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. Copies of tax returns filed with the IRS by Mariner Sands Charity Week are available upon request.