Mariner Sands

Enjoy Bocce at Mariner Sands   

At Mariner Sands, you can enjoy bocce - one of the oldest and most popular games - at our modern state-of-the-art courts. Dating back to Egypt over 7000 years ago, popularized in Italy and France during the Renaissance, and growing in the USA for over 125 years, bocce is a social game easily learned and playable by all.  

Our two irrigated and illuminated Har-Tru™ courts and spectator pavilion host weekly events for couples and men. In addition, the facility is available for individual play, family play, private parties, and special events with club catering. Players also participate in friendly inter-club competitions with neighboring Treasure Coast clubs.   

No prior experience is necessary to enjoy bocce at Mariner Sands and get involved in the program. A complimentary introduction to bocce and free lessons are available on request. All members are welcome to try the game and meet other club members in this inviting social setting.