Mariner Sands

Casual Dining, Pool Area, and Tennis Improvement Plan Update


September 25, 2017

Dear Fellow Member:

As you may have noted from Hurricane Irma updates and photos, Mariner Sands was very fortunate. Basically, other than the inconvenience caused by electrical outage, all we had to deal with was storm debris and minor damage at the casual dining, pool, and tennis construction site.

However, because of delays resulting from the storm and other issues we've had including permit delays, our casual dining, pool, and tennis construction project schedule has been negatively impacted. We've lost time.

In order to make up this time, our contractor, Straticon, will need to adjust their construction schedule. The new, more aggressive plan, involves working on multiple projects simultaneously and includes use of more heavy equipment in and around the tennis courts.

Some of the projects they will be engaged in are as follows:

Demolition of the existing sidewalks and cabanas.

Installing new footers for the new cabanas. This requires opening up large holes and installing rebar. These holes will remain open for days awaiting county inspection after which concrete may be poured.

Trenching for new electrical feeds, plumbing feeds, and irrigation feeds throughout the facility. This process will leave deep trenches between the courts for weeks.

Taking delivery of base rock for the new pavers along with heavy equipment for compaction of the base rock.

Installing the new pavers which requires heavy equipment to bring in the leveling sand and shake out the pavers.

Unfortunately, this necessary adjustment and the safety concern for our members, will impact access to our racquet sports facilities. As you may recall, the original schedule allowed for a more phased approach to the tennis and pickleball area. Given the delays, that plan is no longer an option.

After a thorough review of the site, it has been determined that we can provide safe access to courts #4 and #5 through the south gate of the courts. This will allow for continued member play, clinics, and private lessons.

In addition, Mario will initiate and promote clinics and tennis fitness programs to get everyone ready for the new season. He will also be coordinating with reciprocal clubs and Martin County to schedule access for our members and be able to promote various other elements of the tennis and pickleball programs at their facilities. The goal remains to keep the tennis and pickleball programs as active as as possible during this unavoidable inconvenience.

Straticon will take control of the construction site effective Monday, October 2, 2017. Completion is anticipated in early December at which time we will request a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) from the county. Assuming approval, the TCO will allow members access to the new tennis and pickleball complex as well as the pool while the interior finishes are being completed on the casual dining facility.

Delays in most major construction projects are not uncommon. We hope you agree we are taking prudent and practical steps necessary to complete our project in a timely manner while addressing the safety needs of our membership.


Bill Murphy